I Got You

When my mind to crash
I got you
No need to propose
I got you...
Come and pick me up
that you have to do
its not weird about
Because at the end 
We're mad with each other
I'm like to say
I got you...

Don't leave me anymore
just say, you love me
more than anything
don't make me cry because
I got you...
When I'm into your arm
there is no pain, no fear,
am totally free, then i feel
that I'm  flying like a
flightless bird and I'm proud to announce
I got you...
we cannot control our emotions, 
feelings then let it free
then let it happen,
for the bite of love;
we can ignore it and
make us romantic
I would love to say
I got you...
Your love not losing me
I want you, I want  to feel your warmth, 
then let me know you, 
when you make me love,
I just wanna say
I got you...

I need this you, the love of my life
when an being alone
I got you...
When need a place to run to me
I feel weak, you hold me 
close to your chest
I want to feel your warmth
when your lips touch my neck, 
touch my lips, 
touch my whole body, I feel
I got you...


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